I know you guys are bummed just as much as I am about not surfing. Thinking about how rusty I'll be when I jump back in the water is getting to me and I am trying to figure out things that will keep me as close to shape as possible. My friend David turned me on to balance boards. As much as I would love to buy a $200-250 super slick looking one I don't see that in the cards for me and many other people. So after getting some dimensions from him I came up with my own version to...

Wednesdays with Worm : March 25, 2020


Much love to everyone who joined us today. It was a fun 45 minutes and we look forward to many more. Here is a list of all the surf clips we spoke about. Special thanks for all these surfers and filmmakers for keeping us entertained. See you next week.



Jared Mell & Alex Knost :Blackies or Bust 


Surf | The Wedge


Jai Lee : Through the Past Darkly

Mix Tape Mondays


We’ve been getting a lot of requests to do a music only podcast from our fans. But instead of a podcast we wanted to do something reminding us of getting a mix from a friend where they didn’t write down the tracks and would just say “yo, peep this shit”. So here is our attempt at doing that. Once a month we will post a 2-3 hour #Mixtape that’s a mix of a bunch of tracks we are digging at the moment. This first one was the...

See you at the Duct Tape Invitational in Rockaway

I know y'all heard but the Vans Duct Tape is coming back to New York. Thanks to Joel, George and Nollan for inviting us down. We will be there with our boys from Ture Hands and Log Rap selling some stuff and showing some videos. Make sure to come down to the beach between october 3rd and 6th to not only check out the contest and the festivities including vendors and board demos. 

Also if you are around head over to Greenpoint on October 3rd for a special movie night with...

Party with us in the OBX

Come join us on June 19th for a night of Dope Tracks & Sick Vids. We will be playing a selection of music from the golden era of soul, funk and hip hop. Make sure to stick around as we show Loosies, a preview of Jetty Blue 100s and some random vids we had on the hard drive. Lastly we will be giving away zines to the first 20 people who show up and some give aways from our homies from Surf Durt. So make sure to join us at the