Mix Tape Mondays


We’ve been getting a lot of requests to do a music only podcast from our fans. But instead of a podcast we wanted to do something reminding us of getting a mix from a friend where they didn’t write down the tracks and would just say “yo, peep this shit”. So here is our attempt at doing that. Once a month we will post a 2-3 hour #Mixtape that’s a mix of a bunch of tracks we are digging at the moment. This first one was the live mix from our party we did with @lograp and @Truehands in Brooklyn during the #DuctTapeInvitational. You can find the mixtapes here. No track listings, mix of different genres and 2-3 hours of pure fun is what we promise once a month. Let us know what y’all think of this first installment and what y’all wanna hear on the next one…peace.

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