Episode 2 on Vans Channel 66 : Grant Noble

Thanks to everyone who joined us over at Vans Channel 66 for our second episode of our live streaming show. It was great to have our homie Grant Noble there to talk about shaping, traveling and recovering from his latest injury. We also got to sit down with Johnny Irwin from City Search Project and how people can help them grow. 

As a recap we have compiled a bunch of links related to this episode and what we spoke about. 

Grant Noble

Wu Wednesday Vol. 1

Killer Beez gonna swarm up in this piece. Starting a new series of playlists as requested by a bunch of you we got #WuWednesday Vol.1. Some classics, some side projects, some deep cuts, and all Wu-Tang. Check out the playlist below to peep over 20 tracks we picked to set it off today….sooooooo!




Podcast Vol. 73 - Jen Smith

Welcome back everybody. After a little hiatus we are back in full effect and ready to knock it out of the park. This episode we sit down with Jen Smith (@jensmithofaloha)and talk about growing up in SD, competitive surfing and how her surfing priorities have changed for the better. We also sit down with Crew Member @wormtown and discuss style in surfing. Lastly we wrap this package up with some short takes from @granthilling, @robotsfrom, and @_cvrrent. SO sit back, relax and enjoy our latest episode. Thanks for waiting...

ACTION ITEMS : Week of June 17th

We are starting to make some progress in the world. The police officers who were responsible for George Floyd's death are under arrest, Breonna's law has passed and many companies are fixing their inner racist practices to create a better working world for POC. But we have a long way to go. This will be a generational battle and I know we are all up for it. Here are some things that you can help with from home. And remember to listen, hear the stories and then become a true ally of our brothers and sisters.


1. Demand...

ACTION ITEMS: Week of June 7th 2020

Hey folks. We will be posting action items that you can take to fight systemic racism and help the cause. Right now we cannot lose momentum and need to try and do as much as we can to make long lasting change. As a brand we were founded in response the the racism and sexism we witnessed in surfing. Now we want to be more active in helping to change that dynamic in the world. To that extent we want to put out some weekly resources that people can do, big and small, to make change happen. 


1. Support...