ACTION ITEMS: Week of June 7th 2020

Hey folks. We will be posting action items that you can take to fight systemic racism and help the cause. Right now we cannot lose momentum and need to try and do as much as we can to make long lasting change. As a brand we were founded in response the the racism and sexism we witnessed in surfing. Now we want to be more active in helping to change that dynamic in the world. To that extent we want to put out some weekly resources that people can do, big and small, to make change happen. 


1. Support WP4BL Los Angeles

WP4BL is a group in Los Angeles committed to making a conscious decision to notice, call out, and challenge institutional and cultural racism. They have been on the ground and we recommend following them and donating to their fund.


2. Justice for Breonna Taylor

Breonna would have been 27 years old this past week yet her killers are free and living their lives. This is s prime example of racism fueled bad police actions that led to somebody losing a life for no reason. Please sign the petition and bring the killers to justice.


3. Buy a copy of Race Cars for the children in your life

How our children are taught about race and privilege is very important and lays the ground work for a better society. Somebody suggested this book to us and we read it to our toddler and it has been great for her to understand white privilege. Even if you do not have a child think about buying this for a child in your life or for your local free outdoor library.


4. Have that conversation with your family member

You know the uncle, cousin, brother or aunt that made racist jokes or has racist ideology. Now is the time to address that. This is a good article that gives us tips on how to do that. It is really important for us to clean our house before we try to clean up the neighborhood and it starts with our family. 



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