Wednesdays with Worm : March 25, 2020


Much love to everyone who joined us today. It was a fun 45 minutes and we look forward to many more. Here is a list of all the surf clips we spoke about. Special thanks for all these surfers and filmmakers for keeping us entertained. See you next week.



Jared Mell & Alex Knost :Blackies or Bust 


Surf | The Wedge


Jai Lee : Through the Past Darkly


Mick Rodgers : Log Rap Tribe Edit


Ian Gottron & Tosh Tudor  


Grant Noble | Aqua y Sol




California Perfection during 2016 El Nino


Bonus Mini Series 

Bruce Irons : Annihilator series


Full Length

Brown Microwave Television LONG COMMERCIAL


Please Have Fun


Chippa Wilson : Left Brain Right Brain


Noah Wegrich : Elude


Drag : the movie


New Age Letdown by Tin Ojeida

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