Loosies : Logging With Pleasure on YouTube

Well it's finally up and you can peep it over at the Log Rap YouTube channel.


Log Rap & Bodega Boarder Crew presents Loosies. This is a collection of "loose" Log Rap clips edited to a dope soundtrack provided by BBC and a little bit of New York flavor to keep things interesting. Look out for more info about a full length coming out in the near future.

Produced By: Log Rap & Bodega Boarder Crew

Filmed By: Ryan Cannon

Additional Footage Provided By: Grant Hilling

Edited By: Ryan Cannon

Art Direction By: Alex Valich

Music Supervision: Alex Valich

Starring (in order of appearance): Devon Howard Matt Chojnacki Joel Tudor Kassia Meador Kris Hall Steve Buchan Dane Petersen Erin Ashley Mike Siordia Barrett Miller Nick Melanson Shane Macpherson River Covey Lars Neshime Josh Seeman David Arganda Blake Michaels Tracks Featured: "It's My Thing" EPMD "Blood In The Streets" Ghostface Killah "Skypager" A Tribe Called Quest

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